Arabic school donations 2014

Orphans’ Birthday Celebration
January 18, 2014
ذكرى عاشوراء
November 8, 2014
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Arabic school donations 2014

Throughout the academic year the Arabic schools; Al- Huda, An-Noor, Al-Iman and Rasool Adham school (in Manchester), have helped the orphans greatly by sponsoring as many orphans as there are classes. They also help the orphans from the proceeds of their annual charity bazaars -سوق خيري  - that take place at the end of each academic year. This year, An-Noor school raised £2,004.24 and Al-Huda school raised £1,854 from bazaars alone.

We would like to thank them for their active participation and much needed help and we hope that other schools may learn from this and contribute to helping the orphans. This is a huge step in teaching our youngsters to give, and put others before themselves.

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