About Al-Huda School



Al-Huda Arabic School was founded in 1989, to bring together the children of our community. The school was established on the belief that; we all hold a responsibility towards our children as they are the future. As well as teaching the Arabic language. Our aim is to promote integration and participation as full members of the British Society. We aspire to develop their confidence to face the challenges set by the ideology, principles and culture in this country. 

The school started with only 35 students. But With the grace of God, and the efforts of those who established the school along with the support of parents, there was a need to expand and in 1995 An-Noor Arabic School was established. Today, Al-Huda for boys and An-Noor for girls serve over 630 students.

In addition to the many students enrolled with us, we also have a long waiting list. Because of financial constraints, we have been unable to take on more students. We earnestly request parents, and all persons in the community, to support this noble and charitable project. Their support is needed to develop the moral and academic endeavors; to encourage children to benefit from the schools; and to promote cooperation with the safety regulations of the school. The schools welcome comments and suggestions from parents, and seek ongoing liaisons with parents to work together for a better future for our children.

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